welcome to the alcove

welcome to the alcove

the alcove

hidden in these walls is a story of a daughter, a mother, a wife, a best friend, a soul mate, an entrepreneur, a creative, a nurturer, a human, finding her way in the world.

my name is Teryn and I create space to feel. I make and gather products and experiences to share with loved ones. my latest space creation is nestled in Northwest Tucson, under the arches and through a secret door. here you will find me assembling gift bundles adorned with cards that speak to your soul, cozy socks to relax in, bath bombs that make your skin feel like silk and candles that speak to the senses; 

with products from my own hands and other small business women across the world.

in a world where our instinct is to move through, we offer you to sit with.

the alcove is a space of celebration; celebrated by the outlet of creativity, grief, heartache, love, inclusion, joy, smiles, tears, vulnerability, beauty, and pain. it gives you a voice for words left unsaid. this space offers the opportunity to gift with feeling and creates space to feel those feelings.

meet me under the arches.

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